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Business Type: Trading Company
Main Market: Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
No. of Employees: 15~50
Annual Sales: 200-300
Year Established: 2015
Export p.c: 60% - 70%
About Us

The Company is mainly engaged in the sales and promotion of the brand name of Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Duty Truck "SHACMAN". The company has a wide range of products, mainly including heavy trucks, medium and light trucks, mini truck axles, CUMMINS engines, heavy truck axles, and various truck vehicle parts. With the aim of assisting the SHACMAN brand in overseas marketing network layout and overseas market development. Adhering to the corporate culture and philosophy of Shaanxi Automobile Group. With "integrity, win-win" as the company's code of conduct, we gather specialized teams, use scientific and efficient incentive mechanisms, serve all users in all aspects, and make a greater contribution to the development of China's heavy-duty vehicle industry.


Product Advantage:
The products offered by the company mainly include heavy-duty trucks, special vehicles, and construction machinery. These products are renowned for their excellent quality, reliability, and durability.SHACMAN Truck adopts advanced technology and craftsmanship with excellent handling, stability, and safety performance, which is suitable for a variety of logistics and engineering transportation needs. Whether in road transportation, mines, construction sites, or oil field operations, SHACMAN trucks are capable of outstanding performance.


Export Service:
The company is committed to providing comprehensive export services for global customers. The company has a professional sales team that can provide consultation and advice on product features, configuration options, and solutions. Meanwhile, the company has established a stable network of partners worldwide, including dealers, agents, and after-sales service sites, to ensure that overseas customers receive timely support and service when purchasing and using SHACMAN trucks.


After-sales support:
The company focuses on providing excellent after-sales support for overseas customers. The company has a professional after-sales service team to provide remote technical support, maintenance guidance, and training services to help customers solve problems and difficulties in the process of vehicle use. In addition, the company also provides original spare parts supply to ensure that overseas customers can obtain high-quality parts in time to maintain and guarantee the reliability and performance of the vehicles.


We have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with partners around the world. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, and many other countries and regions, winning wide market recognition and customer trust. Adhering to the concept of openness, cooperation, and win-win situation, the company constantly strengthens communication and cooperation with overseas customers and is committed to becoming a reliable partner of customers in the global market.


By providing high-quality products, comprehensive export services, and excellent after-sales support, the company provides reliable commercial vehicle solutions for global customers. The company will continue to devote itself to expanding the global market, building sustainable partnerships with more overseas customers, and providing reliable vehicles and solutions for the logistics and engineering transportation sectors around the world.


SHACMAN is a Chinese heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China. The following is a brief historical overview of SHACMAN:


1968: SHACMAN's predecessor was the Shaanxi Automobile Manufacturing Plant, which was founded in 1968.

1983: SHACMAN began to expand its production scale, and the trucks produced by SHACMAN were mainly used in transportation and engineering construction fields.

1994: Shaanqi Group was established, marking the development of the company from a single automobile manufacturing plant to a comprehensive automobile group company. Shaanqi began to increase its efforts in scientific and technological innovation and product development.

2003: Shaanqi cooperated with Mercedes-Benz of Germany and began to introduce advanced technology and management experience to further improve product quality.

2009: Shaanqi cooperated with Volvo to further promote the company's technological upgrading and internationalization.

2015: SHAC launched a new brand logo and corporate image, marking the company's further strengthening of brand building and marketing.


Development in recent years: SHACMAN carries out technological innovation and product upgrading, and continuously expands international and foreign markets. The company's products cover heavy-duty trucks, special vehicles, construction machinery, and other fields, and it sells its products globally.

SHACMAN is committed to building an international first-class automobile manufacturer, focusing on quality and technological innovation, and providing customers with high-quality commercial vehicles and solutions by continuously improving product competitiveness and service level.


SHACMAN also provides comprehensive after-sales service in overseas markets to support overseas customers. The following are SHACMAN's overseas after-sales services


Overseas Pre-sales Consultation: SHACMAN's international sales team will provide detailed product consultations and answer overseas customers' questions. They can provide information about different models and configurations to help customers choose the vehicle that best suits their needs.


Overseas after-sales service network: SHACMAN has established an extensive after-sales service network overseas, including authorized dealers and service stations. These service stations are equipped with professional technicians and equipment, capable of providing services such as repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


Remote technical support: SHACMAN's service team provides remote technical support to help overseas customers solve problems and difficulties in the process of using vehicles by means of telephone, e-mail, and online communication tools. They can provide services such as technical consultation, fault diagnosis, and guidance for repair.


After-sales training: SHACMAN provides training courses for overseas customers and service personnel to enhance their understanding of SHACMAN vehicles and their maintenance ability. These trainings can be conducted at overseas customers' sites or at SHACMAN's training center, covering product knowledge, maintenance techniques, and safe operation.

Overseas Spare Parts Supply: SHACMAN ensures the supply of original spare parts in overseas markets to ensure the quality and reliability of the vehicles. These spare parts undergo strict quality control and are fully compatible with the original vehicle parts, which can ensure that overseas customers can obtain the required parts in time.


Emergency Assistance Services: Overseas, SHACMAN also provides emergency assistance services to support customers' repair and troubleshooting needs in emergency situations. This includes the provision of emergency repair teams, rapid delivery of spare parts, and other support measures to minimize the impact of vehicle breakdowns on customers' business.


SHACMAN is committed to providing comprehensive after-sales services to overseas customers to ensure that they receive the best possible support and satisfaction when purchasing and using SHACMAN vehicles. By establishing a comprehensive after-sales service network, providing remote technical support and training, and guaranteeing the supply of original spare parts, SHACMAN endeavors to ensure that the needs of overseas customers are responded to and resolved in a timely manner and that they are provided with a high-quality after-sales experience.

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