Neon Red Dump Truck 25tons Capacity 20 Cubic Yards Dump Body MAN Axle Diesel Powered

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck
Model Number: SX3255DT324
Detail Information
Multimedia System: None Dump Body Capacity: 20 Cubic Yards
Wheels: 12 Oem: Available
Capacity: 25tons Axle: MAN 2*9.5T /2*16 T Double-stage,s
Color: Neon Red/Aurora White/Klein Blue/Brandy Fuel Type: Diesel

Neon Red Dump Truck


MAN Axle Dump Truck


25tons Dump Truck

Product Description

Product Description:

The Heavy Dump Truck is a robust and efficient vehicle designed to meet the rigorous demands of construction, mining, and heavy-duty material transportation. With a variety of drive types including 6x6, 6x4, and 8x4, this dump truck offers unmatched versatility and performance under challenging conditions. Whether navigating rough terrain or hauling heavy loads on a construction site, the Heavy Dump Truck is engineered to deliver reliability and durability.

The Heavy Dump Truck comes with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service availability, ensuring that all parts and accessories are customizable and maintain the highest standards of quality and compatibility with the vehicle. This service guarantees that the dump truck will always function at its best, with OEM parts that are specifically designed to optimize performance and enhance the vehicle's longevity.

With an eye-catching selection of colors, the Heavy Dump Truck stands out for more than just its performance. Available in vibrant Neon Red, pristine Aurora White, elegant Klein Blue, and sophisticated Brandy, this vehicle is designed to make a statement while getting the job done. The array of color options allows companies to align the look of their fleet with their corporate branding or personal preference, ensuring that their dump truck not only works hard but also upholds a strong visual identity on the job site.

As befitting its name, the Heavy Dump Truck is categorized among the heavy-weight class of vehicles. Its robust build is designed to handle the toughest jobs and heaviest loads, making it an essential asset for any serious construction or mining operation. The weight of the truck contributes to its stability and capacity to transport materials such as gravel, sand, or demolition waste with ease and efficiency.

Equipped with 12 sturdy wheels, the dump truck offers excellent traction and weight distribution, making it capable of traversing uneven surfaces while fully loaded without compromising on safety or control. The wheels are designed to withstand the substantial weight of both the truck and its cargo, ensuring smooth operation and reduced wear and tear during heavy-duty tasks. This feature is especially important for maintaining the vehicle's performance and reducing the frequency of maintenance due to wheel-related issues.

In summary, the Heavy Dump Truck is a powerful and dependable choice for those in need of a high-performance dump truck. Its range of drive types, OEM service availability, choice of dynamic colors, heavy-weight classification, and 12-wheel configuration make it a top-tier vehicle in its class. Whether for construction, mining, or any other industry that requires the movement of large volumes of materials, this dump truck stands ready to tackle the job with power, style, and reliability.



The SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck , model number SX3255DT324 , is a robust and versatile vehicle engineered for a variety of applications. Originating from CHINA , this heavy-duty dump truck is designed to meet the needs of construction, mining, and infrastructure projects. Available in vibrant colors such as Neon Red, Aurora White, Klein Blue, and Brandy, it stands out at any worksite while delivering performance that is as remarkable as its appearance.

With its heavy weight classification and powerful MAN 2*9.5T /2*16 T Double-stage axles , the SHACMAN F3000 dump truck is capable of handling the transportation of large volumes of materials such as sand, gravel, and demolition debris with ease. Its 12 wheels provide stability and support, allowing it to navigate through challenging terrains and harsh environments often encountered in construction and mining industries.

The SHACMAN F3000 dump truck is available in multiple drive types including 6x6, 6x4, and 8x4 , offering flexibility to meet different operational requirements. The 6x4 drive type is particularly well-suited for standard construction sites and urban infrastructure projects, where maneuverability and fuel efficiency are key. The 6x6 and 8x4 configurations, with their enhanced traction and load-bearing capabilities, are ideal for off-road and heavy-duty applications such as open-pit mining and large-scale earthmoving operations.

Application occasions for the SHACMAN F3000 dump truck span across various sectors. In construction, it is indispensable for transporting building materials to and from sites, and for assisting in foundation digging and land leveling. In mining, the dump truck excels at carrying extracted ore and waste materials over uneven and steep routes. For road construction and maintenance, the SHACMAN F3000 is adept at delivering asphalt, and transporting soil and fill materials essential for the building and repairing of roads.

Furthermore, this dump truck is also suitable for large-scale landscaping projects and agricultural applications, where its ability to carry heavy loads of topsoil, compost, or harvested crops can greatly enhance productivity. The SHACMAN F3000 dump truck, with its robust build and versatile design, is a reliable asset for businesses that require a high-performance vehicle capable of withstanding the demands of tough working conditions and heavy-duty transportation needs.



Brand Name: SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck

Model Number: SX3255DT324

Place of Origin: CHINA

Safety Features: Equipped with a state-of-the-art Collision Mitigation System to ensure the highest level of safety while operating this dump truck.

Color Options: Customize your dump truck with a variety of vibrant colors including Neon Red, Aurora White, Klein Blue, or the elegant Brandy.

Dump Body Capacity: Offering a substantial 20 Cubic Yards capacity for all your heavy-duty dumping needs.

Drive Type Options: Choose the drive type that suits your requirements, with options including 6x6, 6x4, and 8x4 configurations for the ultimate dump truck experience.

Wheelbase: Designed with a robust wheelbase measuring 1800+3200+1350mm to ensure stability and efficiency in the operation of your dump truck.


Support and Services:

Thank you for choosing our Heavy Dump Truck. We are committed to providing you with exceptional technical support and services to ensure your satisfaction with our product. For any technical issues or inquiries regarding your Heavy Dump Truck, please refer to the following support services we offer:

Online Knowledge Base: Access our comprehensive online knowledge base any time for quick answers to frequently asked questions, troubleshooting guides, and detailed product documentation.

Diagnostic Tools: Utilize our advanced diagnostic tools designed to identify and resolve common issues with your Heavy Dump Truck, available through our online support portal.

Maintenance and Repair Services: Our network of certified technicians is available to provide regular maintenance services and repairs. Schedule your service appointment online or reach out for emergency support.

Software Updates: Stay up to date with the latest software enhancements and feature upgrades for your Heavy Dump Truck by visiting our software update section on our website.

Training Resources: Enhance your operational knowledge and skills with our range of training resources, including user manuals, how-to videos, and live webinars.

Parts and Accessories: Order genuine replacement parts and accessories designed specifically for your Heavy Dump Truck for optimal performance and longevity.

We are dedicated to providing you with the support you need to keep your Heavy Dump Truck running smoothly. For further assistance, please visit our support portal or reach out to our customer service team during business hours. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

The Heavy Dump Truck is securely packaged in a reinforced steel frame container to ensure maximum protection during transit. The truck is wrapped in industrial-grade shrink wrap to prevent any scratches or damage to the exterior. All sensitive components, such as the lights and mirrors, are padded with foam and further protected with corrugated cardboard. The container is sealed and clearly labeled with handling instructions and product details for easy identification.


The packaged Heavy Dump Truck is shipped via a specialized freight carrier capable of handling oversized and heavy loads. The carrier is equipped with a GPS tracking system, allowing real-time tracking of the shipment from departure to delivery. The truck is insured during transit for added security. Upon arrival, the receiver must have the appropriate unloading equipment, such as a crane or forklift, as the delivery truck does not come with unloading capabilities. The consignee is responsible for inspecting the package for any potential damage upon arrival and must report any issues immediately for prompt resolution.



Q1: What is the brand and model of the Heavy Dump Truck?

A1: The brand of the Heavy Dump Truck is SHACMAN F3000, and the model number is SX3255DT324.

Q2: Where is the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck manufactured?

A2: The SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck is manufactured in CHINA.

Q3: What type of drive does the SHACMAN F3000 dump truck have?

A3: The SHACMAN F3000 dump truck is equipped with a 6x4 drive configuration.

Q4: Is the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck suitable for heavy-duty tasks?

A4: Yes, the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck is designed for heavy-duty applications, making it suitable for construction, mining, and other demanding jobs.

Q5: Can the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck be used in off-road conditions?

A5: The SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck is built to handle tough conditions and is capable of operating in off-road environments, thanks to its robust construction and powerful drivetrain.

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