Heavy Dump Truck 20 Cubic Yards Dump Body Capacity 6x6 6x4 8x4 Drive Type

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck
Model Number: SX3255DT324
Detail Information
Drive Type: 6x6 6x4 8x4 Weight: Heavy
Wheelbase: 1800+3200+1350mm Multimedia System: None
Safety Features: Collision Mitigation System Wheels: 12
Fuel Type: Diesel Dump Body Capacity: 20 Cubic Yards

8x4 Heavy Dump Truck


20 Cubic Yards Heavy Dump Truck


6x6 Heavy Dump Truck

Product Description

Product Description:

The heavy dump truck, a formidable vehicle in the construction and mining industries, is engineered to cater to the most demanding hauling tasks. With a substantial dump body capacity of 20 cubic yards, this dump truck is well-suited for transporting large quantities of materials such as sand, gravel, dirt, and demolition debris. The design is focused on providing a robust solution for those who need a reliable and efficient way to move heavy loads across various terrains.

This dump truck is equipped with 12 wheels, ensuring superior stability and traction on uneven and challenging surfaces. The larger number of wheels distributes the truck's weight more evenly, which not only enhances performance but also minimizes the wear and tear on each tire, leading to a longer service life and reduced maintenance costs. The 12-wheel configuration also contributes to a smoother ride and improved maneuverability, allowing operators to navigate through tight spaces and around obstacles with ease.

Understanding the modern-day demands of the construction industry, this dump truck forgoes a multimedia system, prioritizing function over entertainment. The absence of a multimedia system eliminates potential distractions for the operator, allowing for full concentration on the task at hand, which is especially crucial when handling such a large and powerful vehicle. This design choice aligns with the industry's increasing focus on safety and productivity on job sites.

Safety is paramount when it comes to heavy machinery, and this dump truck is no exception. It boasts a state-of-the-art Collision Mitigation System, a safety feature designed to prevent accidents and protect both the operator and surrounding personnel. This advanced system uses sensors and cameras to detect potential hazards and automatically applies the brakes if a collision appears imminent. Such proactive safety measures ensure that the dump truck not only meets but exceeds industry safety standards, providing peace of mind for both operators and site managers.

The heart of this dump truck's drivetrain is the φ430 diaphragm spring clutch, which delivers smooth and reliable power transmission from the engine to the wheels. The clutch's design emphasizes durability and ease of maintenance, ensuring that the truck can handle the high torque demands of heavy hauling without the risk of frequent breakdowns. Its diaphragm spring mechanism provides a lighter pedal feel, reducing operator fatigue during long shifts and contributing to a more comfortable driving experience.

In summary, this heavy dump truck, with its 20 cubic yard dump body capacity and 12-wheel configuration, is a powerhouse designed for efficiency and reliability. The absence of a multimedia system reflects a commitment to safety and productivity, while the inclusion of a Collision Mitigation System showcases a dedication to the well-being of all involved in its operation. With the φ430 diaphragm spring clutch at its core, the dump truck promises smooth operation and reduced maintenance needs, making it an excellent investment for businesses looking to enhance their fleet with a high-performing and safe dump truck.



The SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck, bearing the model number SX3255DT324, is a robust vehicle engineered for efficiency and reliability in heavy-duty applications. Originating from CHINA, this dump truck is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of various construction and mining activities. Its 12 wheels and MAN axles, specifically 2*9.5T /2*16 T Double-stage, provide the necessary support for carrying heavy loads, while the spacious 20 cubic yards dump body capacity ensures that it can transport a significant volume of materials in one go.

One of the primary application occasions for this dump truck is in the construction industry. During large-scale construction projects, the SHACMAN F3000 is an invaluable asset for transporting sand, gravel, and other building materials across the job site. Its powerful diesel engine and φ430 Diaphragm Spring Clutch allow it to navigate rough terrain with ease, making it suitable for use in creating foundations, roads, or any infrastructure development that requires substantial earthmoving.

In the mining sector, the reliability and performance of the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck come to the fore. It is capable of handling the heavy loads of raw materials such as coal, ore, and minerals that need to be moved from the excavation sites to processing facilities. The strength of the vehicle's axle and the durability of its wheels ensure it can operate in the challenging conditions commonly found in mining environments.

Another scenario where the SHACMAN F3000 dump truck is indispensable is in large-scale landscaping and agricultural operations. It can efficiently transport soil, compost, or harvested crops over considerable distances. The truck's dump body capacity is particularly beneficial in these settings, allowing for fewer trips and therefore increased productivity.

Disaster relief and waste management are additional scenarios where this dump truck proves its mettle. In areas affected by natural disasters, the SHACMAN F3000 can be used for clearing debris or delivering essential supplies. For waste management, its large capacity and powerful performance mean it can handle substantial amounts of waste material, contributing to cleaner and more efficient operations.

Overall, the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck is a versatile vehicle that can be deployed across a range of scenarios where heavy lifting and transportation are required. Its build quality, originating from CHINA, its powerful diesel engine, and its significant dump body capacity make it a preferred choice for industry professionals looking for a reliable dump truck to meet their heavy-duty transportation needs.



Brand Name: SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck

Model Number: SX3255DT324

Place of Origin: CHINA

Dump Body Capacity: 20 Cubic Yards

Color Options: Neon Red, Aurora White, Klein Blue, Brandy

Drive Type: Available in 6x6, 6x4, 8x4 configurations

Capacity: 25tons

Fuel Type: Diesel


Support and Services:

Our Heavy Dump Truck product is designed with reliability and durability in mind, ensuring that you can carry out your hauling tasks with confidence. To support your investment, we offer comprehensive technical support and services tailored to meet your needs. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service to keep your Heavy Dump Truck operating at peak performance.

Our technical support services include troubleshooting assistance, where you can get help identifying and solving any issues you may encounter with your Heavy Dump Truck. We also offer maintenance advice to help you keep your truck in top condition, ensuring that it runs efficiently and safely at all times.

If you require more hands-on assistance, our field service engineers are available to provide on-site support. They can perform diagnostic checks, repairs, and regular maintenance tasks. These services are designed to minimize downtime and enhance the longevity of your Heavy Dump Truck.

Additionally, we provide access to a wide range of parts and accessories specifically designed for your Heavy Dump Truck. Our inventory includes original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that ensure compatibility and performance. Whether you need replacement parts or upgrades, we have you covered.

We are continually updating and expanding our services to ensure that we can meet the evolving needs of our customers. We are committed to providing you with the support you need to get the most out of your Heavy Dump Truck, so you can focus on your operations without any worries.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Heavy Dump Truck:

The Heavy Dump Truck is secured within a reinforced, heavy-duty steel crate designed to withstand the rigors of transit. The crate is wrapped with industrial-grade, water-resistant plastic sheeting, ensuring that the contents remain dry and protected from the elements. All sensitive components are cushioned with high-density foam or similar shock-absorbing materials to prevent damage during transportation. The packaging includes clear labeling on all sides with handling instructions and cautionary details to ensure proper handling by shipping personnel.

Shipping Information for Heavy Dump Truck:

The Heavy Dump Truck is shipped on a flatbed trailer due to its oversized dimensions and weight. The product is delivered using a logistics provider specializing in heavy equipment transportation. Prior to shipment, all necessary permits and escorts for oversized loads are arranged to ensure compliance with local and national regulations. The delivery schedule is communicated in advance to the recipient to prepare for the arrival of the heavy equipment. Upon arrival, a crane or suitable lifting equipment will be required to safely offload the Heavy Dump Truck from the trailer. It is the recipient's responsibility to inspect the product upon delivery and report any damage immediately to the carrier and the seller.



Q1: What is the brand and model of the dump truck?

A1: The dump truck is the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck, model number SX3255DT324.

Q2: Where is the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck manufactured?

A2: It is manufactured in CHINA.

Q3: What type of tasks is the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck suitable for?

A3: The SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck is suitable for a variety of heavy-duty tasks such as construction, mining, and large infrastructure projects where large amounts of materials need to be transported and unloaded efficiently.

Q4: Can the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck handle off-road conditions?

A4: Yes, the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck is designed to operate effectively in a variety of terrains, including off-road conditions, thanks to its robust chassis and powerful engine.

Q5: Is the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck available in different configurations?

A5: Yes, the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck comes in various configurations to meet different operational requirements. It's best to check with the dealer for specific configuration options available.

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