Neon Red Heavy Dump Truck 20 Cubic Yards Capacity MAN Axle Collision Mitigation System

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck
Model Number: SX3255DT324
Detail Information
Dump Body Capacity: 20 Cubic Yards Weight: Heavy
Axle: MAN 2*9.5T /2*16 T Double-stage,s Oem: Available
Color: Neon Red/Aurora White/Klein Blue/Brandy Safety Features: Collision Mitigation System
Capacity: 25tons Multimedia System: None

Neon Red Heavy Dump Truck


MAN Axle Heavy Dump Truck


20 Cubic Yards Heavy Dump Truck

Product Description

Product Description:

The Heavy Dump Truck, a robust and high-capacity vehicle designed for the toughest of construction, mining, and hauling jobs, stands out with its impressive and functional attributes tailored to meet the demands of heavy-duty operations. With a sturdy chassis and a powerful diesel engine, this dump truck is engineered to maximize productivity and efficiency on any worksite.

The vehicle comes equipped with a set of 12 wheels, providing unparalleled stability and support even when carrying the heaviest of loads. The 12-wheel configuration not only helps in distributing the weight evenly but also ensures better traction on slippery or uneven terrains, making it a reliable choice for operations in various environmental conditions. Whether navigating through a construction site or traversing rugged landscapes, the Heavy Dump Truck's wheel arrangement is designed to handle the challenges with ease.

One notable feature of this dump truck is the absence of a multimedia system. This decision is intentional, focusing on the core functionality and reliability of the truck above additional entertainment features. The lack of multimedia components means fewer distractions for the driver, resulting in a safer work environment and a more concentrated operation of the vehicle. By streamlining the cabin's features, operators can fully dedicate their attention to the task at hand, further enhancing the safety and efficiency of their work.

For clients looking for a degree of customization, the Heavy Dump Truck offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) options. This availability means that customers can request specific configurations and features directly from the manufacturer, tailored to their unique requirements. Whether it's for a particular color scheme to match a company's branding or specialized attachments for specific jobs, the OEM service ensures that each dump truck can be optimized for its intended application, providing a level of personalization that is highly valued in the industry.

At the heart of the Heavy Dump Truck's performance is its reliance on diesel fuel. The diesel engine is known for its durability and efficiency, offering a high torque output that is essential for hauling heavy loads. It also provides better fuel economy compared to gasoline engines, especially under load, which makes it a cost-effective option for businesses looking to minimize operational costs. The diesel powertrain ensures that the dump truck has the necessary strength to tackle the most demanding jobs without compromising on performance.

The centerpiece of this dump truck's functionality is its dump body, boasting a substantial capacity of 20 cubic yards. This high-volume capacity allows for fewer trips when transporting materials, which in turn can significantly reduce project timelines and costs. The dump body is designed to handle a variety of materials, from sand and gravel to demolition debris, and is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Its construction is from high-strength steel or equivalent durable materials that resist abrasion and wear, ensuring that the dump truck remains a valuable asset for years to come.

In conclusion, the Heavy Dump Truck is a powerhouse in the world of heavy-duty vehicles. Its 12-wheel configuration, diesel fuel efficiency, OEM customization options, and a large dump body capacity make it an indispensable tool for any serious construction, mining, or hauling operation. While it may forgo a multimedia system, it more than compensates with its performance and reliability. The Heavy Dump Truck is not just a vehicle; it's a reliable partner on the road and at the worksite, fulfilling the promise of excellence that is expected from a top-of-the-line dump truck.



The SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck, model number SX3255DT324, is a highly versatile and robust vehicle designed for a variety of heavy-duty applications. Manufactured in CHINA, this dump truck is renowned for its reliability and strength in challenging environments. With a substantial capacity of 25 tons, it is an ideal solution for large-scale construction projects, mining operations, and infrastructure development.

The SHACMAN F3000 is well-suited for transporting construction materials such as sand, gravel, and demolition debris. The 12-wheel drive configuration, available in 6x6, 6x4, and 8x4 options, provides excellent traction and stability on rough terrains, making it an excellent choice for work in quarries and off-road construction sites. Without a multimedia system, the focus remains on the truck's core function: heavy hauling and efficient operation.

Given its diesel fuel type, the SHACMAN F3000 dump truck is not only powerful but also economical for long-distance hauls. It is especially useful in large-scale earthmoving tasks and can be readily seen at major construction sites where its capacity to move vast amounts of material in a single trip can significantly enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

Furthermore, the SHACMAN F3000 dump truck is a valuable asset in disaster relief scenarios. Its robust build and high capacity allow it to efficiently clear debris and assist in the transportation of relief materials. In areas affected by natural disasters, such as floods or landslides, the dump truck's strong performance and reliability make it an indispensable tool for cleanup and recovery efforts.

In the mining industry, the SHACMAN F3000's performance is unmatched. It excels in transporting mined materials from the pit to processing locations. The truck's durable design and power ensure that it can withstand the harsh conditions typically found in mining areas, including dusty environments and uneven terrain, while its large capacity enables it to support the high-volume demands of the industry.

Overall, the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck is a workhorse designed to meet the needs of industries requiring heavy material transport. Its combination of capacity, durability, and versatility makes it a top choice for businesses looking to maximize efficiency in their operations.



Brand Name: SHACMAN F3000 6x4 Dump Truck

Model Number: SX3255DT324

Place of Origin: CHINA

Fuel Type: Diesel

OEM: Available

Safety Features: Equipped with a Collision Mitigation System, this dump truck ensures enhanced safety for both the driver and the vehicle.

Drive Type: Options include 6x6, 6x4, and 8x4 configurations to suit various heavy-duty requirements.

Axle: Fitted with robust MAN axles, offering choices between 2*9.5T and 2*16T Double-stage, ensuring the dump truck meets the demands of any construction or mining project.


Support and Services:

Our Heavy Dump Truck product is backed by comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure your vehicle operates at peak performance. Our product includes the following support and services:

On-Site Technical Assistance: We provide on-site support for any technical issues you may encounter with your Heavy Dump Truck. Our team of experts is equipped to diagnose and troubleshoot problems to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Maintenance Services: Regular maintenance is vital for the longevity and reliability of your Heavy Dump Truck. We offer scheduled maintenance services to help prevent future issues and maintain optimal performance.

Parts and Repairs: In the event that your Heavy Dump Truck needs parts replaced or repaired, we supply genuine parts that meet the highest quality standards. Our skilled technicians can carry out repairs efficiently to get your truck back in service as quickly as possible.

Training: We believe that knowledgeable operators lead to better performance and fewer technical issues. That's why we offer comprehensive training for drivers and technicians, covering everything from operation to routine maintenance procedures.

Software Updates: Technology evolves, and so does your Heavy Dump Truck. We provide software updates to enhance functionality, improve safety features, and optimize performance.

Technical Documentation: Access to detailed technical documentation is essential. We supply complete manuals and guides that cover all aspects of operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Warranty Support: Our Heavy Dump Truck comes with a manufacturer's warranty. In case of any manufacturing defects or issues, our warranty support ensures that you receive the service and parts you need without any additional costs.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics: With our advanced remote monitoring systems, we can keep an eye on your truck's performance and diagnose issues in real-time, providing quick and proactive support.

Our goal is to provide you with the support and services you need to keep your Heavy Dump Truck running smoothly and efficiently. We are committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction and support in the industry.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

The Heavy Dump Truck is securely packaged to ensure its safe arrival to your destination. The packaging consists of a heavy-duty, corrugated cardboard box with interior padding and support brackets designed to hold the truck in place during transit. The exterior of the box is reinforced with strapping tape to prevent any damage to the structure. Additionally, the packaging includes a moisture barrier to protect against weather conditions and humidity. All fragile components are individually wrapped and cushioned. Please inspect the packaging upon arrival for any signs of damage before signing for the delivery.


Your Heavy Dump Truck will be shipped via a reputable freight carrier due to its size and weight. The carrier has been selected for their reliability and experience in handling heavy equipment. The truck will be loaded onto the freight vehicle using a forklift and secured for transport. You will receive a tracking number to closely monitor the shipment progress. Delivery will be made to the address specified at the time of purchase, and it will require a signature confirmation to ensure the safe and accurate delivery of your product. Please ensure that the delivery area is accessible for large vehicles and that you have the necessary equipment to unload your Heavy Dump Truck upon arrival.



Q1: What is the brand and model of the dump truck?

A1: The brand is SHACMAN, and the model is the F3000 6x4 dump truck, with the model number SX3255DT324.

Q2: Where is the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck manufactured?

A2: The place of origin for the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck is CHINA.

Q3: What are the key features of the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck?

A3: The SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck features robust construction, a powerful engine, high load capacity, and is designed for efficiency and reliability in heavy-duty operations.

Q4: Is the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck suitable for off-road use?

A4: Yes, the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck is designed with capabilities suitable for off-road conditions, thanks to its robust chassis and suspension system.

Q5: Can the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck be customized for specific needs?

A5: Customization options may be available for the SHACMAN F3000 6x4 dump truck. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer or authorized dealer for more information on customization services.

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