What are the advantages of the SHACMAN X6000 high-horsepower heavy truck?

September 21, 2023

What are the advantages of the SHACMAN X6000 high-horsepower heavy truck?

SHACMAN According to the mainstream development direction of the market, high-end heavy trucks focus on technological configurations, comfort, and aspects to make upgrades, and power upgrades are naturally the top priority, so it also inspired more and more host factories to continue to launch high-horsepower heavy trucks, and even in order to seize the highest point, the power performance is repeatedly hit a new high. Shaanxi Delong X6000 is to raise the power to the highest 660 horsepower in the domestic heavy truck camp.

In order to enhance the brand SHACMAN tone, enhancing the power performance is essential, but also independent brands gradually to overseas brands close to, and even has not been compared to the overseas brand R & D strength of the show.

Of course, the introduction of these models in the enhancement of brand tone at the same time, high-horsepower heavy trucks in the actual use of the process of the advantages can not be ignored. The biggest advantage lies in the fact that these high-horsepower heavy trucks are capable of handling a variety of actual use scenarios as well as the transportation needs of different transportation conditions, which can not only run the trunk logistics, but also pull the coal building materials, so that the SHACMAN cardholders will be able to undertake the orders of different goods as well as the transportation conditions, and the selectivity will be much larger! Especially in the logistics industry now under the background of the serious rollback, the advantages of these all-round high-horsepower heavy trucks are even more obvious.
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In addition to a variety of industries, high-horsepower heavy-duty trucks are capable of transporting goods, their efficiency for freight transport is also very obvious. Shaanqi heavy truck X6000 maximum horsepower model, equipped with a Weichai 15.3L engine, maximum output power reached 660 horsepower, such a strong power output in the acceleration process is far faster than other small-displacement power weak heavy truck models. Combined with the 2.533 industry's smallest speed ratio rear axle, such a vehicle power synergy control and precise matching, will make the vehicle speed to a higher level, shorten the transportation time, and improve transportation efficiency. At the same time, users can run longer mileage in the same time!

Large displacement, high horsepower does not necessarily mean high fuel consumption, Shaanxi Vehicle Heavy Duty Truck X6000 660 horsepower models, with a peak torque of 3200N.m, after relatively aggressive power tuning, in the engine speed up to 900 rpm when the maximum torque can be exploded, which means that the engine speed of the low torque, the number of shifts to reduce the number of times that encountered the hill climbing speed fast without having to lower the gears, so these factors Also explains the car will not necessarily be higher than the small-displacement heavy truck fuel consumption. It is worth mentioning that Shaanqi Heavy Duty Truck SHACMAN's powertrain integration technology has the industry's largest torque and smallest speed ratio, and at the same time, it has the industry's highest thermal efficiency of 51.09% and the industry's highest efficiency of 98.5%.
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In addition, the engine and transmission in most of the transportation processes, small displacement power weak heavy trucks often need to go to overload work, for the powertrain wear and tear caused by the powertrain will be greater, shortening its service life. On the contrary, high-horsepower heavy trucks will not have such a problem, and even due to its power system is often under low load work, B10 life will be greatly enhanced, and the reliability of its products can be guaranteed.